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"Omnia Vincit Amor" (Love Conquers All) Sterling Silver Bangle

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The first and iconic Coreterno jewelry collection is inspired by the enormous power that words have to create and build our reality.

OMNIA VINCIT AMOR (Love Conqueres All) is a Latin phrase from Eclogue X by Virgil (70 BC), and  the title of one of the most famous Caravaggio paintings.

The inside message AMOR HA FATTO TAL CH’IO VIVO IN FOCO is translated as “Love Has Made Me So I Burn In Fire”. It is a line by one of the greatest Italian female poets Gaspara Stampa (1523-1554).

Manual skills above technology, this is what Coreterno jewelry is all about, through the recovery of ancient traditions that have their roots in ancient Rome, hand-beaten metal, engraving, live fire forging. Jewels which make the hand of the artist who created them perceivable, imperfect and unique as the essence of man himself. Engraved and bas-relief words that express the intellect, the poetry of the human being and his ability to create his own destiny.

Coreterno Jewelry is made of Sterling Silver 925. All our unique pieces are hand crafted in Rome by the hands of the finest Italian goldsmith masters, using the antique technique of the lost wax.

Available in 18K gold on request.

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